Beta 2.3 OMG what happened? [NOTED]

I downloaded and installed beta 2.3. Then I opened up my project that has been having so many problems with the margin when being compiled. When I compiled it, I still had the right hand margin messed up on parts of the document (one letter per line for several pages). I highlighted the affected lines and reset the margin.

To my horror, the entire rest of the document suddenly had all the margins, both left and right hand margins, reset by 1-1/2 inches to the right. And the area I had highlighted and reset the margin on did not change - it looked the same as before, one letter per line. Then I deleted the compiled document and tried again. When I highlighted the text and reset the margin to 5.5 inches, the right hand margin moved to 1.75 inches and not only did it move to 1.75 inches for the highlighted text, it moved the right hand margin to 1.75 inches for the entire document. And when I try to correct the margin, the right hand margin is set at 5.5 inches in the formatting menu but the document margin ruler at the top shows the right hand margin at 1.75 inches.

Then, upon further investigation, I could change the right margin on the top ruler to the correct margin for all but the initially affected parts of the document. On the initially affected parts, the margin ruler is inoperable. If I highlight unaffected text and include affected text within the highlighting, I cannot adjust the right hand margin at all.

If you can guarantee that this will not happen with new documents, I will simply continue working on this current manuscript in another software and start new manuscripts in Scrivener.

And your novel manuscript formatting for chapter headings still isn’t working. Your format readme file states the chapter headings are formatted to appear 1/3 down the page and the headings are still at the very top of the page.

Hi mtommos,

My notes on the beta 023 release clearly stated that we still have bugs to fix with compile and that we are trying our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

I’m sorry, but I can’t. This is a beta not production software at this stage - there are no guarantees. That’s not what beta testing is about. Besides, we still have bugs to fix with compile.

I’ve personally been working 7 days a week for the past 4 months trying to resolve 100’s of issues like this. We are almost there. We will revisit compile issues soon.


Okay. So I’ll be patient. I still like Scrivener.

Sorry. It’s been a crap couple of weeks and I was at the end of my tether in my response. I promise to be nicer and fix the remaining compile issues real soon.