Beta 2.4.5 (25010)

In this current Beta version I have tried several times to view Statistics of my project and after clicking on this all the Icons grey out, but no Statistics window opens up. You have to force quit Scrivener as you can’t do anything else with your document as it appears the Statistics window is open, it’s just not showing up. In the Beta just before this it was working fine.


Thanks, I get the same result on my machine as well. I’ve filed this for Keith to examine when he gets back from break.

Seems there are several major issues. Compile doesn’t appear to work either. :cry:

**I also apologize. I realize I posted this in the wrong area! :blush:

Compile, as a general force of nature, seems to be working fine for me. I run compile several dozen times per day with this build (mainly testing various tech support issues, but also for production runs as well). I’ll need a more specific description of what compile settings you are using, whether compile works vanilla (blank project, doing nothing but compiling to default settings) etc.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the compile window to even open, so there were no specific settings that I had set up. I couldn’t even get that far. I have tried it on another machine at work and the compile settings do open up, however the Statistics issue is still the same. The computer I am using at home is a MacBook Pro. Thankfully I had the previous build still installed and just went back to using it.

You might try resetting your preferences and re-installing the beta. It’s just a general purpose troubleshooting step, but when one computer starts having issues with the UI like that, it often cleans things up. That won’t work for statistics though, as far as I can tell that is a universal glitch.

I tried downloading the 2.4.5 (25010) build again and the compile window did open this time, but only once. I compiled my project, made some changes and went to compile again and this time it would not open. That’s really strange behavior. I closed the program, reopened, and still the same thing. I think I will go back to the previous build until this can be sorted out. Thanks.

Hmm, so just to be clear you tried with a new blank project, vanilla settings, and got the same result where it locks up after one try (or even immediately)? Are you getting any console messages when this happens?

Yes, that is correct. Brand new project from scratch. I clicked on compile and it worked immediately. I made some changes to the file and wanted to see how it looked compiled and when I clicked compile again, nothing. No compile window popped up, no console error message appeared, it just sat there. The program wasn’t frozen or anything, it just wouldn’t pull up the compile settings.

Okay, some things with the Java detection were changed in this release, perhaps there is a conflict that is interfering with the check and causing it to hang indefinitely. What happens if you disabled the “Use enhanced converters…” option in the Sharing:Office preferences panel?

I meant to mention earlier that it is perfect safe to run the stable version of Scrivener while testing the beta. Just name them separately and make sure .scriv files are set to load in the stable version by default in the Finder.

Hi Amber,

Just to be clear: Which build is the stable version of Scrivener? I’m assuming 2.41? I am running the beta (25010) right now, but I’d rather trust my large project to the stable version.

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That’s correct, 2.4.1 is the stable version that you can obtain from downloading from the main page. Build 25010 is the latest beta.

Thank you! :smiley:

No worries. I like to name the different versions accordingly so that I know I have things straight. I have “Scrivener-Stable”, “Scrivener-PubBeta” and so on. You can always tell Finder to prefer one of these for .scriv files, meaning that the rest are available for testing specifically when you choose to do so—but having that name set means it’s obvious when a mistake is made by the name in the Dock. If you see your big WIP opening up in “Scrivener-Beta” then you can back out and switch over to the stable build.

As for myself, I live on the edge. It’s “Scrivener-Alpha” all the way. :slight_smile:

I did just that–named one version “Scrivener [stable],” the other “Scrivener [beta]”)–after I read your post above. As for living on the edge, I commend you–so long as you don’t go all Alpha male and give the rest of us a bad name. :laughing:

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