beta - placeholders ( feedback / wishlist )

As per comment in my other post about tables, there’s an issue ( though again, not actually a bug ) in the way placeholders present on screen once compiled, versus how they appear as placeholders, particularly when you are using large font sizes, as I was trying to do for a cover/title page, using placeholders to get my book series title, book title, and book sub-title nicely formatted … because the large font size fit within the table cell I was using to frame the page, but once compiled, the placeholders translated across multiple lines rather than being on a single line … this was partly due to my comments about tables not being editable after creation, and partly it seems for other reasons ( but which I am not entirely sure as to what those reasons are ).

However, might I suggest a solution to go alongside making the tables retrospectively editable – being as follows:

  • allow further customisation of placeholders
  • each placeholder should allow for formatting codes
  • if tables could be created this way, then the codes could be modified
  • if placeholders for things like titles could be formatted this way, you could guarantee appearance
  • especially where the format command “do not word wrap” existed, which could force a table to adjust to allow for the contents of a cell that are not to be wrapped across multiple lines ( or something like that )