beta - tables ( feedback / wishlist )

One criticism I have ( but which isn’t a bug ), is that once created, tables do not appear to be editable, and this makes it a little difficult to work with them as a means of framing a page … it would nice to be able to create a table that fills the whole page, and have greater control over column, row, and cell properties, such as widths, and internal margins, along with external buffer/margin around the entire table … because a table with invisible borders is ( or so it seems ) the only means of really controlling how to format a page with different text alignments – ie: a cover/title page.

The other reason for wanting to edit it after having created it – aside from being able to modify its dimensions on the fly – is to be able to retrospectively change the colour of its borders, so that I can see it when I am using it to frame the page, but then convert its borders to white and thus hide it after having laid out content in its cells

The other thing about this, which I just discovered after compiling a test usage, is that the lack of capacity to do that which I have already stated, means I don’t get an accurate representation until I compile, as to how things will actually layout in the compile … and this is particularly true when using placeholders, as the content of the placeholder is not the same as the space required to insert the placeholder – and I have an idea for a solution about this, but I will write that as a separate post, as it is a different topic.