Beta, 64-bit, Duplication of titles in Scrivening mode

So if I have some sort of markup in a document that’s top level of a section, then edit a word in the title, the title will duplicate itself in Scivenings mode. It’ll keep duplicating it, if I edit the edit. (To trigger it, don’t completely erase the title. Just delete and add a word to it.) Switching out of Scivening mode keeps the old version of the duplicated title. Like:

It’s just this section in the document. Everything else will show the correct titles for Scrivenings mode. This particular section is stuck on that title once edited. (If that makes sense.)

I was able to fix it by completely removing the title and adding a new one. Just editing a word or two will trip the bug.

A couple of clarifying questions:

  1. Were you editing the title while it was in Scrivenings mode? Or while it was in single document mode?
  2. How were you editing the title of the document, in the Binder, in the Header, in the Inspector?

1.) I couldn’t edit the title in Scrivenings mode. I was in single document mode, then switched.
2.) Typing directly onto the header.

ETA: I can’t reproduce it deliberately, even on the chapter I was having problems with.