beta 20 - compiling to pub or mobil crashes program

Just downloaded beta 20 version today where I was hoping the compile to the .epub and .mobi formats would be fixed. On the contrary - rather than just give the message (beta 19) which said “failed to convert”. Beta 20 just crashes the program and ends with nothing at all being generated.

Really really sad - this development effort is going backwards fast. Here’s hoping a new beta is released quickly so I can compile to my kindle again. Clearly this beta software is months - probably many months from a stable release. Beware.

I just installed Beta 20 and compiled a large file to epub with no problem. I need to test more, but I’m grateful that the epub compile seems to work now.

I’m afraid we’ll need a much more detailed bug report. Here is what I tried, what steps should I add to this process to see a crash?

  1. Created a new blank test project.
  2. Named the starter file “Test”, and typed “Test ePub output.” into the main editor.
  3. File ▸ Compile…
  4. Selected ePub from the file type dropdown, and “Ebook” from the Format sidebar.
  5. Assigned the “Section” type to the “Chapter” Section Layout.
  6. Compiled.

There are two validation errors and two warnings, but I got a file, and no crash:

[code]$ epubcheck windows.epub

Validating using EPUB version 3.2 rules.
ERROR(PKG-007): windows.epub/mimetype(-1,-1): Mimetype file should only contain the string ‘application/epub+zip’ and should not be compressed.
WARNING(RSC-017): windows.epub/OPS/content.opf(23,69): Warning while parsing file: Duplicate ‘reference’ elements with the same ‘type’ and ‘href’ attributes
WARNING(RSC-017): windows.epub/OPS/content.opf(25,26): Warning while parsing file: Duplicate ‘reference’ elements with the same ‘type’ and ‘href’ attributes
ERROR(OPF-028): windows.epub/OPS/contents.xhtml(22,67): Undeclared prefix: ‘ibooks’.

Check finished with errors
Messages: 0 fatals / 2 errors / 2 warnings / 0 infos

EPUBCheck completed[/code]

I’m on beta 20 too (Windows 10) and have just tried compiling to ‘print’ a chapter that I successfully printed out yesterday in beta 19.

All I can see is the spinning circle. It’s been like that for 15 minutes now . The cancel option is greyed out, and having now just used the ‘x’ option to close the compile window I can confirm that it has crashed the whole Scrivener app.

I haven’t assigned any section types or anything like that, just repeated exactly what I did yesterday - compile to print with default settings.

Just compiled one of my stories into e-pub and had no problem. Can’t say for mobi as I don’t have the kindle app