Beta 20 - Force Injects characters after table

Beta 20 - This did not occur in previous betas, for injects a blank line, a bullet point or some other character after a table. Even if you delete these empty lines or characters they reappear on the next load even after forcibly saving.

This happens on every document that contains a table.

All formatting around tables has been corrupted throughout the entire project which is impacting the formatting of every document that contains a table.

I did not realize this, but I did know the tables themselves are fickle, fickle creatures. Formatting them in any meaningful way is a chore–and that’s IF it sticks! But that’s the least of my complaints for now. The bullets and lists seem way better, and I’ll take it!

I completely agree, the only thing is that now that bullets are working somewhat better, I think this is a side effect of bullets plus tables. I just wanted to point this out to the team.

I also believe that this may be a one time bug due to conversion changes etc. It may not ever happen to someone who is not in the beta.