Beta 20: Hooray for the myriad of llsts!

Don’t know if I missed this earlier or if it’s not made clear in the release notes, but Lists now appear to really work.

In their own inimitable Scrivener fashion, of course, but it’s easily learned

  1. Indents (by tab) don’t automatically change the bullet/label type,
  2. but…once you set the bullet/label type for an indent, it consistently sticks, as you (shift-tab) back out!
  3. Thus you can compose any look of list you like
  4. I like it.
  5. And don’t mind at all doing it again for another list
  6. besides that you can just copy a model, write over its texts, so even complex constructions do duplicate
  7. did I adequately say that I like it??
  8. and no where near as tricky as this bb-sortof-code on the forum…
  9. Thanks for the thoughtful design, Tiiho and Lee!

Me too! I emailed them this:

[i]You fixed bullet points in lists in latest Windows beta for Scriv 3! Holy crap, a list it even remembers the little changes I make it in how I want the bullets to look by how I made them previously in the list - solid circle, empty circle, then square. EASY! I don’t have to tab AND mess with changing indents! It automatically figures out just where they’re supposed to go! It indents things just a little rather than having them too far one way or another; I love where they’ve chosen to place things. It just feels right.

THIS IS REALLY AWESOME. PLEASE TELL WHOEVER BLED ALL OVER THIS THAT I CAN TASTE THEIR HANDIWORK and while I’m not typically a consumer of blood sweat and tears I will happily NOM NOM on how freaking easy this is to use now.

Love and adulation aside, the only glitch I notice now is that if I select a group of items to make a list, make them a list, make them not a list, then make them a list again, the formatting bugs out where all items except the last will appear with bullets beyond the left margin, and the very last item will appear correctly formatted. I can fix this by tabbing then shift-tabbing the wonky items into place.