Beta 20: Project targets not resetting word counts again or still

I have 2 projects that I’m working on simultaneously. Both are set to reset the word count at a set time each day. One is midnight, one is seven in the morning.

After installing the new version yesterday, neither project had reset this morning when I opened them. I’m not sure if this was because I still had both projects open past midnight…but it’s extremely hit or miss for the targets to reset and it’s been that way for me through most of the beta versions.

I was writing yesterday despite Sundays being marked as non-writing days, so that might be a factor, but I’d think the program should do a thing at a specific time if it’s set to do a thing at a specific time regardless of whether I’m supposed to be writing that day or not.

I do remember one beta version reliably resetting the word count at midnight while I was still writing, which is how it’s supposed to work if that’s the chosen time for reset.

It only happened for a short time and since then, I’ve had to check what should be an automatic function each day. If it helps to know, I work on a desktop computer that is turned completely off every night…okay in the wee hours of the morning…when I’m finished working. I’ve tried the on next day opened setting, but since I work past midnight most of the time, the days blend together and seem to be considered the same day opened. The counter never resets with that setting.

The only setting that works properly every time is reset on project closed which would mean I’d have to keep Scrivener open all day like I had to do with the former version.

Seriously, the ONLY reason I’d pay for the upgrade is so I don’t have to keep the program open all the time in order to see my word count for the day (or the period I’ve chosen). I guess I’m the only one experiencing this because no one else ever mentions it.

I would not say that other’s have not noticed it but are waiting. There is a priority of bugs that the developers are trying to squash. I have no clue to how QT works other than its meant to help developers give a feel/use of Mac compatibles which is a bear given the code outline of two very different Operating Systems.

Just because you’re not seeing a fix doesn’t mean its not a priority as I said but a placement of said priority. As I’m sure you need to have those words counted the overall question becomes how does it hamper the overall productivity of the software itself. Either a bug is one of two; ‘cosmetic’ or ‘problematic’. No I’m not putting down what you see as a problem/bug but which comes next to work on.

I don’t work for L&L and I’m not putting them down, but with what? Over 2 years now of development, patients can run thin of wanting the software out and to meet peoples expectations.

And I will also say if this is a critical aspect of your work then as its been stated over and over again “Don’t use the Betafor critical work unless you’re able/willing to put up with all its current and future flaws until release. And although its not been mentioned, if you’re just using the beta itself and don’t own a valid copy… well what can I say.

This is not to imply the OP doesn’t own a copy but for those who also read the forum itself and make complaints.

I’ve noticed this when I updated to the 20 today. The daily reset worked fine with the 19, but when I updated today, the project goals resumed counting from yesterday’s last wordcount. I did a reset manually in hopes that it’s just an update symptom and won’t happen again, but it did surprise me.

It is not a critical aspect of my work, however, the advice not to use the beta is specious on two counts. First,
if we don’t use the beta and report issues with it, how are we helping bugs to get worked out? By not talking about them, they will continue to exist. I hadn’t seen anyone else posting about this one, and I checked.

Second, in this case, it matters little as to whether or not I use the beta as these are new features and so not using the beta or using it with those new features not working is exactly the same thing.

I was not questioning your pointing out the problem but the last part of your statement. Hence its still in beta and they are working diligently I’m sure to iron out as many problems/bugs. You also may not have been the only one to mention it. It may be buried under tons of other msgs on the forum concerning the problems noted with word count. Just mentioned in a different manner as I do remember others having problems with it and being noted.

Update: Works perfectly again, so it seems the update one-time scrambled things .

Not for me. Mine was still showing yesterday’s word count for both projects this morning when I turned it on. This also throws off the way session targets are generated when set to automatically generate based on the draft deadline.

Trust me, I want to throw my money at L&L for the upgrade!!! Whenever it’s ready.

In case it helps:

Was working at midnight on the project set to reset at that time. It did reset while I was working.

Had finished with the project set to reset at 7am, and closed it before midnight. It did not reset.

So basically, if you are working actively in the project, it will reset, if not or if the computer is off, it will not. Or at least that is my experience.

I realize this is probably not a priority. That’s fine. I totally get that. Compile is a much bigger deal. I will test again tonight and if anything changes, I’ll post again.

Words cut from one document and pasted in another are added to the session count. The overall target remains the same.

That’s probably a very helpful observation into why your experience differs, and how this ought to get fixed…

This one might indicate something that wasn’t considered in the early implementation of counts. It does feel a mode that should be considered important.

Is it correct to assume you mean copying from project to project?

The latest update still doesn’t work. My word-count still doesn’t reset at midnight as it should.

Cut from one document within a project and pasted to another results in the pasted words being counted as new words in the session targets. The overall project target count remains the same, but the session target goes up by the number of words pasted. Highly annoying, but I’m hoping it will be fixed eventually.

This is still a thing. Actually this beta’s worse than the last since at least the last one worked with the on a set time each day setting at least 50% of the time.

But I gotta say, I do love the popup that shows when you hit the mark. Just hate having to manually reset after I’ve already started for the day because I never remember to check. Sigh.