Beta 20: Revision Mode Menu Options

Three items:

  1. The menu option Format > Revision Mode > Remove All Revisions should be renamed Remove All Revision Colors. Changing the wording clarifies what the option does. It may seem piddly, but I resisted using that option because I didn’t want to remove all my revisions; I only wanted to remove the revision color.

  2. Sometimes a writer decides against a set of changes later, so having an option to remove the actual revisions would be a helpful menu option.

  3. The same Remove All Revisions menu option only applies to the current document. A similar menu option that applied to all documents would be very helpful. I use the Find By Formatting dialog to find all the revisions, so when finished reviewing those revisions, a quick way to accept the changes and reset their color would avoid potentially missing a few documents.

If I sound like I’m nit picking, sorry, but you have a fantastic writing tool, and the few major issues remaining with the beta all seem to have been filed.