[Beta 21] All Caps and spelling check

Scrivener flags people’s initials as spelling mistakes (at least, when using the U.K. English dictionary), so I have to add every possible combination (from H.G. Wells to J.B.S. Haldane, etc, etc.) to stop them being underlined every time I type them (and for three initials there are over 4,000 combinations, so adding them all to the dictionary is somewhat tedious).

Sometimes even a single letter gets flagged (for example, W. is marked as miss-spelt, but – for some reason – most single letters are not).

Any chance there could be a spelling check option to ignore words that are in All Caps?

This is really trivial, but (to me, at least) really annoying, so if there’s any chance it could be changed, I would be incredibly grateful.

Many thanks,