Beta 22 index card bug?

A new problem with the index cards involving the inspector???

The information in the inspector is not changing as you select new documents–in any way you might select them, whether it be in the cork board view, from the binder, from the outline view.

What is really strange about this bug is that if you open the tutorial file–everything is fine–works as it should. Other Scrivener projects–that are smaller–works fine.

Just this one project is troubled and I don’t know why. Worked fine before the upgrade.

Too many files in one folder? Maybe.

I have 85 scenes descriptions–index cards-- all in one scene folder ( a sub folder) inside of the manuscript folder. Most simply have a synopsis on the card with nothing in the actual file. Haven’t split them up into three acts yet–that’s why there were all in one spot, with my main use for them being just like real index cards. Wanting to move them around and label as needed.

The total count for the entire project is 6,714 words.

With the old project I’ve tried moving things around into different folders–nada. The inspector is good and stuck.

Opened a new project–opened the folder in the wrecked project, selected the only the files, did a drag and drop into my new project. Inspector worked fine as it should–but-- all my custom label and status markers were gone.

Out of curiosity, I tried to move them all into a single subfolder again. Dragging and dropping freezes up the program. But doesn’t crash it–when it recovers, the files simply aren’t moved.

While the inspector getting stuck is definitely a bug, and one that a lot of others have experienced as well (don’t know the size of the projects, so that may be a clue!), this particular event of losing meta-data like labels and status when you move into another project is normal. That meta-data is stored in the project’s .scrivx file and all assigned a number (in the order you create the data) and then each document you give a label or status to is tagged with the appropriate number. In your new project, the .scrivx file doesn’t have those same labels/status (and even if it did, they might not be ID’d with the same number unless you create them in the same order as in the original file), so that meta-data isn’t assigned.