[Beta 22] Scrivener loses track of where it is, with double-clicks

  • This one is going to be again about my opening the Upgrade Guide (Mac scriv)

  • [redacted report to show it’s not only about Mac scriv files this time, as first suspected thought]

  • Any place the offending Upgrade Guide.scriv is, if I open it by double-clicking , from a very freshly-updated-maintained-Win10-latest, I get the nifty misinformation in the attached picture, just after the expiry notice.

  • Not in any way suitable.
    == in fact, Scrivener 64-bit Beta 22 is right where it should [list=]be[/list], in C:\Program Files.
    == in fact, it’s the only Scrivener I have
    == in fact, the paths are flipped from their labels
    == in fact, I shouldn’t be seeing this warning at all

  • I think I remember someone else complaining about such.

  • double-clicking project.scriv files when there’s already Scriv open does not result in this problem

  • the problem occurs on seemingly any vintage of projects, Win or Mac, small sample anyway…

The attained picture:

Your posts are dizzying.

It’s a wander how you get a Scrivener project path stated as an installation path, but please check the registry key: “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scrivener\Scrivener\Location” and let me know its contents.

It should point to your last(or desired) Scrivener installation path.
We do show this message as this is the root cause of update troubles for users with multiple Scrivener installations without realizing it.

@tiho_d: Hmm, I don’t appear to have that Location key, where you say, or under any of its folders, nor under HKLM/Software is there any Scrivener info.

I think you may be on to something, though, for this reason. I had the full set of issues you reference a long time ago with multiple install locations, caused by my running Win10 as as Standard User, elevating only where required, for safety.

I’ve actually cleaned up many times, as ‘things’ keep showing up. This time it was Windows de-install showing 5 false extra installations that as usual the Win10 Apps manager couldn’t elimate, but the old Control Panel could.

It’s possible that the Control Panel de-installs removed this key you mention – but I did them to force a clean Beta 21 or 22, don’t recall which, though I think 21. And I think I didn’t see this double-click problem until very recently, like when 22 went in. So maybe the install is just missing it?

To test, I did two things:

  • First, I re-installed Beta 22 over the top of current installation of it. Result: no change, no key, still have dialog.
  • Deinstalled 22, installed fresh 22. Result: same, no change, no key, still have double-click bogus dialog
  • extra: when I deinstalled, I actually had multiple installations listed, again: the 21 and 22 installs. Removing one left unable to remove the other false install except via Control Panel, which I did, then did the 22 install.
  • If it may make any difference in either the missing key or multiple (deinstaller) records, I’m installing from Normal User, right-mouse Run as administrator on the Scrivener Installer, each time.

So, lastly, I did the obvious thing: I created this HKCU\Software\Scrivener\Scrivener\Location string key, and put C:\Program Files\Scrivener in it.

But this did nothing either: the double-click problems remain! Maybe it’s a different key??

@brinkbart Well, that’s what happens when you really deal with the facts, especially inside writing or software that’s not exactly going to plan; not a doubt it can get pretty dizzying…

…but that’s how we arrive at writing or software that works, no?

That path doesn’t exist in Windows 10 for B22, in my install. It’s in


so narrsd, you might look there instead.

Excellent catch, rwfranz, thanks.

  • Many more keys in the base path there, so that’s probably the new real place, and even @tiho_d might forget so for a moment…
  • No Location key was present, after the very careful full deinstall-alls and clean install 64-bit Beta 22 as admin
  • I put in the key, pointed it to C:/Program Files/Scrivener, and no more problem.
  • Now I have clean Scrivener startup on double-clicked project .scrivx files.

Thus, @tiho_d, might suggest that this key isn’t actually getting installed by your current installer. Not going to comment on the with/LiteratureAndLatte prefix in registry vs exe location paths; you guys can sort or not as see best.

Just to be sure, check the direction of your slashes. I have a mix of them in that registry entry - some are Windows-style (C:\Program Files\Scrivener) and some are *nix-style (C:/Users…) - which may or may not affect how Scrivener will run in a Windows environment. I’m not about to change the non-Windows-style slashes yet, but this may be a clue as to why some folks are having issues. Consistency and matching the OS style is important.

Good catch, Jestar, and yes, it’s very important.

I just do too much with other operating systems, and once in a while when it’s late, can make this mistake – in reporting.

You are correct that the registry key should contain C:\Program Files\Scrivener.

That’s what I actually set, which worked.

I can’t edit the original post now, so our notes will have to suffice.

And again, the problem for @tiho_d to solve is that there was no HKCU\Software\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\Location key produced at all, from a clean Run as Admin installation procedure on Beta 22.