[Beta 22] Word count in Project targets not resetting

when via “Project Targets” I have set a session target and do check the option box “reset session counter when opening the next day”, it does not automatically reset the counter when opening the project the next day. I must first check the option box again after opening, and then the session count is “0”.

Is this a bug or do I understand something wrong? Beta (664545) 64-Bit -, Windows 10 Home, Microsoft Surface 3

regards, Nino

I have been having the same issue,with the option “reset at specific time” selected. It doesn’t reset when the program is open at that time, and changing it to “reset on next open” also didn’t fix the issue, I keep having to manually reset the wordcount for the day.


I’ve got the same issue! It worked just fine, when I left it with default settings, but when I’ve switched on “Automatically calculate from draft deadline” and changed the reset hour, it stopped working.

Along the same lines: In 1.9.X I could set a target per folder. In Beta 24 & 25 (I didn’t use previous Betas very much) I can no longer set a target per folder, only per document. Per chapter (folder) targets transfer from 1.9X, but creating new targets doesn’t. Is this a bug or a new direction for targets?

(Caveat, I use Scrivener in Linux running under Codeweavers’ Crossover, a commercial version of WINE. Scrivener works incredibly well in this environment. My mileage may vary accordingly.)