Beta 23 loses some of set custom coloring options with restart of app

Hi devs!

Just wanted to point you toward a minor bug I’ve noticed. All of those coloring options for the different parts of the app are really nice, obviously, but some of these options seems to be forgotten by the app after restart.
The binder looks okay in my case, but I do lose color settings for the editor, within opened files and folders and in many other places. Custom background images do seem to be remembered, but aren´t always rendered even though they are still shown in settings to have been chosen. Things like that. Even color settings for fonts in various places seem to fall away at times. Not sure why, though.

Sorry I haven’t got a perfect list of which, exactly, of these settings are involved in this. But I mean… for me they are certainly a majority of all settings I’ve tried at all, that actually disappears with every shut down/start cycle.

Whenever there is time to have a look at these “theming and coloring options”, please have a look and see if you can replicate any of it. And obviously look for a fix if possible. Would appreciate it immensely.