[Beta 26] Background in Composition Mode cannot change through UI + a question about copypaste functionality

(Apologies if this is already reported.)

Set background in composition mode (F11) to an image, tried to change this image later and it would not save the new setting. Changing to a color wouldn’t change it either. Ultimately, I had to go into the binder’s settings folder and manually overwrite the .png that had been copied into this folder. So just a heads up that this is a thing that happens.

Question About Copypaste
I understand it’s been a long-time issue with Scriv, where if you write something in Scrivener with formatting (bold, italics, etc.) and then copy from it to paste it elsewhere, the formatting will not carry over. Are there plans to change this so that copy can carry formatting over?

I understand that most people say “Just use compile” but I greatly enjoy writing my blog posts in Scrivener and prefer to just copy and paste them into the “New Post” section of my blog. It’d be great if I didn’t have to go through the extra steps of compiling, exporting, etc. The reason I enjoy making blog posts in Scrivener and copying over to the blog is because it leaves me with a binder of all my blog’s writings in an organized fashion that I navigate better than the backend views of my blog.

If there’s a way to copy and paste out of Scrivener and carry over formatting that I’ve overlooked, feel free to throw it my way, I’d be maximum grateful! :heart: