Beta 26 - Zoom with Editor Window

In Beta 26, I just noticed that when I open a project where the Zoom was set to 150% for the Main Editor, the Zoom indicator shows 100%, even though the text is correctly displayed at 150%. Selecting 150% from the Zoom selector, does nothing. Selecting 100% will change the Zoom level 100%, as expected. This was working properly in all previous Beta versions.

BTW, thanks for switching the startup mode to Insert!

Could replicate neither at 150% nor at some custom 133%.

I have replicated this using the Interactive Tutorial.

  1. Open Beta 26.
  2. On Start Window, selected Getting Started, then Interactive Tutorial.
  3. Tutorial opened at Zoom level of 150%, which might be where I left it at before, and my usual Zoom level.
  4. Zoom indicator shows 100% instead of 150%.
  5. Selected Zoom level 150%, and nothing changed. Zoom level now shows 150%.
  6. Selected Zoom level 100% which changed the display–as expected.
  7. Selected various other Zoom levels with expected results.

I tried one more thing. I changed the Zoom level to 175% then closed the project. When I reopened it, the Zoom indicator display was correct. So, I did this with several other Zoom levels, and the Zoom indicator was still correct. The ONLY time it shows incorrectly is for 150%! Closing the project at 150%, caused the Zoom indicator to flip to 100% when opened again. So it’s no surprise the problem couldn’t be duplicated at other Zoom levels.

What machine are you using and what screen resolution and zoom setting.
[Found on right click from desktop Display settings under scale and layout]

Wondering of there is a windows Zoom setting vs Scrivner setting interaction.

Using Windows 10 with latest updates. Display Resolution: 1920x1080; Scale: 100%; Orientation: Landscape.

If it was Windows, it would have happened in pre-Beta 26 versions, but it didn’t. This is new since installing Beta 26. It’s interesting it only gets confused on 150% which happens to be the Default Zoom for the Main Editor in Options. Might be a connection there.