Beta 27, 64 bit Mouse Wheel Scrolling stops, Have to use scroll bars to move text up and down page in Editor.

This problem did not exist before installing Beta 27; Scrolling with mouse wheel works fine in current stable Windows version. In Beta 27, upon opening a text, it may scroll briefly with rotating the mouse wheel, but then stops, and text will only scroll by grabbing the scroll bar and moving with mouse button held down. May again scroll briefly before again stopping. Scrolls only intermittently, if at all, with mouse wheel.

Don’t remember this problem in previous Beta editions; in fact, I was pleased at how rapidly and easily it scrolled.

(Note: searched Forum for this, found other scrolling problems reported, but not this one.)

I just updated to beta 27, 64 bit now and tested this. Most of my documents are too small for much scrolling, so I did most of the testing in big scrivenings mode, and could never duplicate this problem.

I’m not saying it absolutely can’t be a problem, but could it be possible that the battery in your mouse is getting low, or the connection is failing? Mice can be so finicky!