[Beta 27] cannot set paragraph indents

I am trying to create a new style for the epigraphs at the heads of my chapters. I want them centred with a slight margin each side, so they don’t spread to the full width of the page. My pages are A4 with a 2.5cm margin each side, so I tried adding another 1 cm each side (screenshot one),

but got a long, thin column of type, one-character wide (screenshot 2).

Thought it might be a glitch in the editor, but Print Preview showed the same thing. Tried a wider margin (2.5cm), same result. Tried 1mm (0.01cm), same result again.

The right margin has to be set at a given distance from the left edge of the paper, so Left margin 1", Riight margin 6" (or whatever the appropriate is for your paper size).

HTH :slight_smile: