[Beta 28] Compile window cut off at bottom and won't resize

The compile window, when open, is cut off at the bottom, including whatever button is requried to actually compile the work. The window can be moved but not resized. Attempts at resizing instead cause the window to move downward off the screen. A frustrating bug since it prevents compiling, which renders the entire program pointless.

I’ve had this problem in previous betas as well, but assumed it was known. I’m using dark mode on a Windows 10 laptop.

This thread might be of help:

That is helpful, thanks.

My monitor maxes out at 1920x1080 and has a recommended zoom factor of 150%. At zoom factor of 125%, the entire compile window becomes visible (huzzah!) but the text becomes too small to read–not just in Scrivener but in all other programs on the system, since the zoom factor is a global setting that affects everything.

I set a custom setting at 140% and hid the Windows taskbar to free up some real estate on the screen. This works, but I’m still squinting to see text as a result. I’m on the cusp of needing reading glasses for this and trying hard to avoid it if possible. Maybe I can push it to 141 or 142%, but it’s a pain to experiment with since I have to restart the computer and reopen the program with each adjustment.

Is there a compelling reason why this one particular window can’t have a scrollbar?

Just a couple of suggestions.

Make the menus & windows font larger instead of pushing the zoom.
Options → Appearance → bottom of the text on the first page. Using 22 point type at 100% zoom forces the compile window to about 1040 tall. Some of the text lines are cut off by a pixel. 22-pt type also creates a window larger than 1080 tall when editing compile formats. 18-pt type seems to create a usable window in both cases. That’s twice the default font size of 9, and should make this dialog box more easily read at 100% Windows zoom.

Changing this setting will also make the regular menus and windows in Scrivener more easily read. Choose a font you like; at large sizes, some fonts are annoying. Some fonts are more readable than others, as well, even at smaller sizes.

If necessary, use Windows Magnifier (windows key + M) to enlarge the window (defaults to full screen and 200%). It acts a little strange, but if you go to settings, you can shift it to a lens function so your cursor acts like a magnifying glass.