[BETA 28] Editor inserts an extra pixel after a word when it is misspelled.


  1. Create a new project from the blank template in Beta 28
  2. In the editor, type: Whiskey, tannnnngo, foxtrot.
  3. Notice that tannnnngo is misspelled and underlined in red to indicate this fact.
  4. Move your cursor backwards using the arrow keys. When you reach the misspelled word, the spacing changes slightly. The portion of the sentence after the comma moves about one pixel closer to the left margin.
  5. Continue moving the cursor. When it leaves the word, the spacing returns to normal: the text after the comma moves about one pixel away from the left margin.
  6. Fix the spelling of the word.
  7. Move the cursor back and forth again. The text does not shift when you go past the comma.