[Beta 28] Font compatibility with ipadOS version

Hi, thanks a lot for developing Windows version of Scrivener 3, This gonna be a great version for expanding the number of users.

I’ve been using beta 28 on Windows 10 (latest updated version) and iOS 13.2.2 (which is also a latest versson) and I found the Font I set in iOS doesn’t sync when I open it with Windows beta 28.

Is this a bug? or do I need something to fix this problem?

I use Noto Sans CJK Regular font, which is open source font and very good to use with 2-byte languages. Additional info, just in case.

Another request for the final release: Are you planning to add new loading text display (or do you have a plan to fix) below the startup Scrivener icon? I don’t like the font path text with white background, it looks weird or not so good looking when you set dark background images on desktop. I think it should be transparent or even it look better without loading texts.


Hi Kaz,

The font is identified in the Scriv project, but it doesn’t ‘reside’ in the project. It must exist on each platform where you use Scrivener.

Have you installed that font on Windows 10?

If you haven’t already done so, have a look at this Knowledge Base article on using fonts across platforms.



Hi Jim,

Yes of course I understand that the fonts don’t reside in the project.
I have installed the same fonts both on Windows 10 and iPad.

Thanks a lot for the font sync via dropbox. I will try that.

I have tried the font sync tips but I have stopped in Step 6.

  1. Choose “Open In…”.

There’s no “Open In…” tab or selection in ipadOS 13.2.2.
So I cannot open fonts / install with Scrivener in ipadOS 13.2.2,

And, here’s the issue I mentioned above.

  1. Open & Edit in iPad. Fonts are all set in “Noto Sans” font.
  2. Save & Sync via Dropbox
  3. Open the same file in Windows 10.
  4. Fonts are converted into “Segoe UI”.

Noto Sans are installed in both Windows 10 and ipadOS.

In ipadOS, the font are installed in system by using AnyFont app, so it can be shared and used with any apps.

Hi Kaz,

Of course, this could be due to some problem specific to the beta. You don’t have Win Scriv 1.9 installed as well, to try it, right? And have you tried the font with other Windows apps, e.g. Word? It would be interesting to see if you had similar compatibility issues with opening the same Word doc on Windows and on iOS.

That said, I’ve had compatibility issues here and there in the past, similar to yours, with certain fonts on Win Scriv 1.9, in that a font specified in Scriv on one platform would not be retained on the other platform.

In one specific case, the font had a slightly different name on Windows then it did on iOS. It was the oddest thing. I installed the same font on both platforms from the same source, but somehow iOS and Windows OS pulled in different names. This was the NK57 family of monospace fonts, as well as a few others. The result was if I specified the font on Windows Scriv, it wasn’t recognized on iOS Scriv, and vice versa. It worked fine on each platform, but wouldn’t work cross-platform. My assumption is that there was something in how the font was implemented that made Windows & iOS treat it differently.

So you may want to confirm that the font name is specified exactly the same on both platforms. If it’s not, that would explain the issue, although I don’t how you’d go about fixing it if that’s the case.

Anyway, I’ve got no other suggestions for you at this point. There are some people on these forums more font-savvy than me, so perhaps one of them will come along with some ideas! :slight_smile: