[Beta 29] Unresolved issue with single quotes

Many thanks for the continuing hard work and the steady flow of updated betas; much appreciated.

I know that if an issue isn’t listed as fixed on the release notes, you prefer us not to report it again. Also, I read that if an issue has been assigned a number, it’s on the “to do” list. But I hope you don’t my asking whether all the issues that have been issued numbers will be fixed before release?

One of the very few tiny niggles outstanding for me personally is [LH3459] Words ending in “s” marked as mis-spelt if followed by closing single quote mark. [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3459-b18-words-ending-in-s-marked-as-mis-spelt-if-followed-by-closing-single-quote-mark/46046/3]

I reported it back in B18 (and I think others have too) and there’s been no fix yet; is it likely to get done?

Many thanks,