Beta 3 Spell Check dropping custom words[BUG LOGGED]

Windows 7 x64 desktop, Beta 1.3.
Windows 7 x86 laptop, Beta 1.3.

Worked with a project on my desktop computer and added several custom entries to my dictionary.

Moved the project across to my laptop and when I opened it, all those same words were marked as misspelled. “No problem,” I say. "It’s just that the custom entries are per-machine, not per-project. So I add them as custom entries on the laptop and go on my merry writing way.

When I got home and fired my laptop back up, imagine my surprise to find that all those same words are being flagged again. I can repro this by adding the words, saving the project, closing Scrivener, then re-opening it.

Expected behavior is that learned words stay learned. Ideally in vesion 2.0, I would have the option of adding learned words to a per-installation custom dictionary, a per-project, or both – and I would be able to easily sync the per-installation custom dictionary between machines.

Confirmed this behavior on my installation of Beta 3 under Vista. I have a character with a very unusual name, so it was easy to test. I told Scrivener to learn the spelling and the red underlines under his name went away. I exited, then restarted Scrivener, and the name was underlined again. It appears the program doesn’t remember any of the customized dictionary entries between runs.

I actually posted this same glitch a few days ago on this thread. I’m not sure if it ever got logged, as there is no [BUG LOGGED] attached to it, but I did report it there.

You’d logged that thread before the Beta 3 drop, so I wanted to make sure it was clear this was a Beta 3 error.

Oh no, I’m all for it. I was thinking of replying to myself that it still wasn’t working so I could bring it back to fore (or bump it in forum vernacular). Gotta get it logged because I have a character name that is also getting flagged constantly.

Also experiencing this, i had originally thought it was just that when i installed 1.3 it unlearned the spelling of a couple characters because i had just had the program learn the names. But i just restarted the program and both of the entries i made have reverted back to red squiggles.

Windows 7 (32-bit)

Seeing this unfortunately as well. I originally thought I forgot to ‘learn’ them but it seems I’m not the only one having this issue.

Using beta 1.3 as well, but I haven’t had this issue - my character’s name remains non-underlined since I added it in the last session (since which I have closed Scrivener and shut down the laptop overnight).

Can confirm I am reproducing this bug as well. Beta 1.3, Windows 7 x64.

I tried learning some words by right-clicking and selecting “Learn Spelling” and other words by right-clicking and selecting Spelling -> Show Spelling and neither one lasted even through closing and immediately re-opening the program.

EDIT: Further testing has actually shown that just closing the project also clears the dictionary for me. I started a new project, closed the original, then re-opened the original. The word was again underlined.

Yup, your right. Suspect the dictionary is projects specific, and it isn’t saving the custom dictionary for each project.