Beta 3: Viewing ability doesn't expire

I’m starting to rely heavily on Scrivener beta, but one thing makes me nervous each time I open up the program–the little message telling me when the program will stop working entirely. I plan on buying the finished product, but in case I can’t get to it for a few weeks, I’ll end up with files only accessible through TextEdit and a murky file/folder structure.

I’d like to have the next beta version still expire in a timely fashion, but only in terms of editing Scrivener projects. I still think I should be able to open up any project in Scrivener and export individual documents or drafts forever.

I’m sure this isn’t high on your to-do list, but it would certainly help my peace of mind, especially if it’s a quick thing to code in there.


Also, this may sound a little harsh, but you should not be relying heavily on beta software to complete your work. The Scrivener beta is pretty much feature complete, as far as I can tell, and pretty much bug free, but it is still a beta and we should all be aware of that.

After all, you might go and see a beta version of a newly built house to check out the architecture and features, but you would not pay your money and live there…

Just my 2c …


I have my Next Super Bestseller completely in Scrivener. After working with SC and betas for several months, I trust the program enough to do that.

So far, I’ve experienced only one crash – on moving my complex project from SG to Beta 1, which Keith immediately fixed.

I assessed the risks, and decided the pleasure of using it overwhelms my fears of Keith abandoning me to the wild chances with this particular beta.

I used to back up my chapters to DevonThink – maybe I shall do it again just in case.

Aw! And I saw the subject line of this thread and thought people were already reporting B3 threads. Got me all excited.

Also, bear in mind that Scrivener Gold was in beta for a long time (which was just called Scrivener back then) before it got made into Scrivener Gold, and in the year that the various versions of Scrivener have in beta there has NEVER been a period where there has not been an active version. So - there will always be a downloadable active version. Unless I get hit by a bus, of course, but then that wouldn’t do much for the future of Scrivener anyway. :slight_smile: And actually, I was hit by a bus last year, and even that didn’t stop me, so there.

Anyway, after beta 3, the focus of beta 4 will be incorporating the eSellerate engine ready for selling, which allows for activation and all that stuff…

All the best,