Beta 38 - Composition Mode Screen is dark and unusable

See attached photo. Windows 10 Home Ver 1909 all latest updates. HP Envy x360 laptop. 16gb Ram. Intel HD Graphics 620 with latest drivers

Most likely your text has a black text color applied. Remove it to get automatic text color decoration.

That’s not the problem. No text color is applied. I double checked by clicking Remove Text Color.

Check this under Options->Appearance->Composition Mode->Colors:

The default colors for the background and text are a dark grey with a light grey text. Not much contrast.
On a side note, Screen Background->Use Texture… button does nothing. I’m assuming that this is where you would select a picture instead of a plain color background?

Yes that worked. Thank you. Although it seems odd to me that the default color makes the text unreadable.

Good! If you change that text color to white (say), the Composition mode is pretty usable with that default background color. I’m happy that we can change them to what works best for us and not just what works for most.

Hmm. I can’t seem to get ‘Override text color with color:’ to override text that is colored differently than normal black text in the Editor.

This may be because I use Comp mode as a way to simulate how things would appear in an e-reader (it does a fair approximation of that once set properly), so I am not ‘composing’ or even rewriting or editing so much in Comp mode as I am verifying existing text as being correct and proper.

But at times I may use colored text in the editor to make certain things stand out that I do not want to stand out for the reader (which is accomplished by having Compile revert all text, including all colored text, to black).

The way I define ‘override’ is that this implies that a color chosen in the prefs would replace all text, including text colored differently in the Editor, with that color.

Nope. It doesn’t seem to do that.

Please understand I am not speaking of the Windows version or a Beta version, but the current Mac OS version.

Hmm. So why haven’t you posted this in the Mac forums, rather than the Windows Beta Testing forum?



Oh, thanks so much for your answer. That solves everything.

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