Beta 39: Add to dictionary picks up following punctuation like comma and period.

I just started using the beta regularly. I am working on a fantasy novel. As a result, there are a variety of words i need to add to the dictionary. I do this by running a spellcheck and once the word f found, I add it to the dictionary.

I have noticed that the word and any following punctuation is highlighted by the spell check and, as consequence, the work AND the following punctuation is added to the dictionary. I noticed it happens when the new word is at the end of the sentence but it happens with commas as well.

I am running a Windows 10 system.

I had the same behaviour with Beta 37, but on Beta 39 I can add a new word without a comma to the word list, and then Scrivener will not highlight it as wrong when that word is followed by a comma.

I hope it’s fixed on your end too with the newest Beta:-)