Beta 39: Writing Tools Don't Work

The writing tools from the pop-up menu when right-clicking a work are not working. Nothing happens when selecting any of the look-ups or searches.

They work fine for me…

Perhaps something has happened to your default browser settings in the OS?

This happened to me many betas ago. I closed Scriv then re-opened it and, suddenly they were working again. Was never able to duplicate it, so I was unable to provide a valid bug report.
FWIW, my writing tools all work now and since that initial glitch.

After reopening Scrivener this morning, all the writing tools work again–just as suggested. Now, that’s strange!

Yep, no rhyme or reason. They just check out for a time and then check back in. I wish I could figure it out but haven’t been able to force the issue. :frowning:

This is why programmers drink…

So true…

FWIW, this is from Sept. 23, 2018: [url]]