Beta 42 fails to load project then CTDs after Windows 10 sleep cycle


Something very funky is happening with my copy of Beta 42.

I went AFK with Beta 42 open, and my laptop put itself to sleep.
Upon waking, Scrivener was locked up and then had a CTD.
When trying to restart Beta 42 it locked during the loading splash screen.
Opening WindowsTaskManager caused a CTD.

After multiple restarts and reattempts I uninstalled then reinstalled.

Now Beta 42 loads the splash menu, but locks and CTDs if I attempt to open an existing project or create a new project (though the new project seems to get created).
I was concerned that the issue may have had something to do with file corruption as I sync with a Win10 Desktop and my iPhone via Dropbox, but the projects seem to open just fine on both of those, except when attempting to open a project that I previously attempted to open on the laptop (I get the Project Already Open error, which seems to be tied to the projects not closing properly due to the CTDs).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there is any other useful information I could provide.