[Beta 43] Whole word option doesn't work in Project Replace


I was about to report this bug for the previous version. As the subject says, the Whole Word option doesn’t work for Project Replace - it seems to work as Contains.

For instance, take the following line:

“This morning Mo woke up early”

I want to replace Mo with David in the entire manuscript. However, with the “Whole Word” option selected, the line ends up as:

“This Davidrning David woke up early.”

If the replace string matches multiple words, it will turn a manuscript into mincemeat.




There was no reply to this, and I see it’s still an issue with RC7. I checked the forum and can’t see it noted anywhere else.

I also just tested this in RC7 (hiDPI) and can confirm that it is definitely a bug; the “whole word” option makes no difference to the results.

I found out the hard way. After finishing the first draft of a novel, I changed a character name from Mo to James. Literally every occurrence of ‘mo’ in the document got changed to James! I tried to reverse by changing James back to Mo, which kind of worked - but any word starting with capital Mo (Morning etc) ended up as lowercase. Thank god for backups!

Thank you for the report! Sorry this has taken some time to get to, but it has been filed and should be addressed soon.