Beta 6: Scrivener doesn't switch DPI upon display change

When I disconnect my laptop (Surface Book 2 15") from the Surface Dock (lower dpi display via HDMI), Scrivener GUI doesn’t scale properly to the laptop display but appears really small (except fonts).

I have a lower DPI display (HP ZR30W) connected to my Surface Dock. Then I have Surface Book 2 connected to the Dock and I use the HP display as my main display, Surface Book display off.

-Connect your higher DPI laptop do an external display with different DPI
-start Scrivener
-disconnect so that you use the other DPI display
-> Scrivener doesn’t switch DPI but the GUI becomes messy

There are Windows apps that survive DPI change (like Microsoft’s own OneNote for example) so I know it’s possible. Scrivener should rescale accordingly upon DPI change as well and shouldn’t need a restart.