beta after May 15th?

Will there be another beta after May15th? Because, I write my current project in the beta version with a special german Template only for V.3.

Never fear; they always release a new beta (or the production, for-sale version) before the old beta expires.

I wouldn’t worry just yet – L&L have thus far always released a new beta with plenty of time before the old one expires. :slight_smile:

…glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

They said Q2 2019, does this mean end of June? We don’t use this term in our country.

Yes, end of June is their target for delivering Windows v3.

It would, but it doesn’t. If they said Q2 2019, then it would have been something like “We’d like it to be ready by Q2 2019” It doesn’t appear to me (Understand, I know nothing) that it will be up to their standards for release by then. I could be wrong of course. So far there isn’t a help file and some features aren’t implemented let alone tested. Others seem to be causing continual grief (like bullet lists).

They should extend Beta 16 in one month, users are getting scared with the possibility to not oppening their projects anymore.

They will. They always do.

I agree that I don’t believe they’ll release the final version this time around. Probably there are a couple more betas to go before all features are implemented for beta testing.

The one thing that scares those that seem to be unfamiliar with being a beta tester is where the creators/owners would 'NOT" post that ‘beta testing’ would be ending. I’m sure they would give us a heads up when they are ready to do so. Every iteration of the beta has always been updated before the end date since I’ve started. I’m sure they (those that are in power) would not consider it fun to leave it’s testers in a lurch giving how some have been working on serious projects.

Also as many have noted as with the site itself there is still several items missing, broken or breaking other features so as I’ve been a beta tester on many other projects and not just this I look at the end date with a grain of salt. Also those that are asking should read other posts that tell of being in the next release.

And I’m sure that the Q2 projection date was not set in granite but in running sand.

Folks, I see only two ways this can go:

  1. Next beta is released, and then the beta after that, and then the beta after that, etc., until eventually:

  2. Windows v3 prod version is released.

What other possibilities can there be? I feel like I must be missing something obvious, which you all seem very worried about. Please enlighten me, so I can worry about it too! :smiley:


The simple response since I’ve started using the Beta versions. As the dates get closer and closer to when it ends they panic. To me it seems that others never learn from previous posts. Afraid that the beta version will end leaving them in a lurch.

Another reason? Possible afraid of the apocalypse will leave them trembling without a way to tell their stories before the all mighty. But then others have always said I was delusional. :open_mouth: :smiling_imp:

Yeah, that’s the thing I don’t get. The beta will of course someday end, but that will mean v3 has been released.

So then the person will either buy v3 and carry on writing, or, if they choose not to pay for Scrivener, they can download the prod trial version for 30 days and export their project somewhere else. Either way, nobody gets left in the lurch.


The thing is that version 1.9 won’t open the beta project.

You won’t need it to.

The beta will of course someday end, but that will mean v3 has been released.

So then you will either buy v3 and carry on writing, or, if you choose not to use prod v3, you can download the v3 prod trial version for 30 days and export your project somewhere else. You can even use the v3 prod trial version to export your project back to a v1.9 format. Either way, you won’t get left in the lurch.

What issue are you seeing with this that I am missing? Please clarify, as I’m sincerely curious about what people are concerned about. :slight_smile:


That is correct. And that has been a known limitation since the very first Windows Scrivener beta was released.

The question is, do you care?

If you expect to keep using Windows Scrivener 3, then no, you don’t need to. Successive betas will continue to occur until the release date.

If, for whatever reason, you’ve decided that Windows Scrivener 3 isn’t for you, you can either export your material out into raw RTF files, or you can drag and drop it into a Windows Scrivener 1.9 project. In a pinch, it’s also possible to extract the component files from the project format using Windows Explorer. (Note that these options are also available if you’re just feeling nervous as the beta expiration date approaches.)


For my current nonfiction project, I’m working in the v3 beta and it’s running very stable up to now. Many of the bugs mentioned here don’t appear during my work. But some - of course - do. Nevertheless, I’m not worried about the actual beta expiring without a new beta or final being released. Sure, they will take care and always update just in time.
However, I also can’t believe that the final v3 will be released by the end of June … which doesn’t bother me, because writing and structuring for me is the most important thing at the moment. About 8 months left :smiley:

If I may (without stepping on toes) I want to reiterate from what I recall the developers have also stated. It’s a change of file format between the two products in how one file is converted to the newer format structure. While 3.0 will import a 1.9 into its program the same may not be true of 1.9 due to 3.0 being an upgrade over the other if I remember correctly.

As with this still in Beta mode it best to be reemphasized that if you are working on something important than it may be best not to use the Beta for it as the product goes though more expected (and possible unwanted) changes. Think Murphy.

Hi Katherine,

I’ve been assuming that Windows prod v3 will have a similar “Export to v2” feature as Mac v3.

Is that a correct assumption?


I’d note that for the past few releases, the Scriv beta has been on an informal tick-tock cycle, where the odd-numbered releases add more capabilities and introduce more bugs, while the even-numbered releases are more stable, addressing the new issues that users have encountered. Beta 15 foiled a feature I was relying on, so I was glad to be able to revert to Beta 14 until Beta 16 became available. Fortunate that the beta team kept the May 15 expiry for several releases.

With little or no overlap this time, there’s a likelihood that the only beta we’ll be able to run is the bleeding edge release. A legit concern if there are any critical unwelcome surprises in Beta 17.

Rgds - Jerome