Beta: Annotation like Scrivener Gold

I love the new version. The only thing I find missing–maybe I just don’t know how to do it–is the pop up notes linked to annotations from Scrivener Gold. These types of annotations allowed a lot of information to be placed in a small area and, for me, replaced the need for margin notes like Word, Pages, and Jer’s Novel Writer. Will the annotation notes support this link to extra information in the future?


Hi David,

Glad you like most things about the new version. The annotations were one of the things that were hotly debated on the old forums, and most people didn’t like them. I said very early on (in the SG tutorial, in fact) that they were going to go with the new version, and gone they have.

In place of the old system are inline annotations. You define a section of text using Text > Annotaiton, and that block of text will change colour and get an outline. You can the choose to omit that block of text when exporting or printing your text. That way, annotations can be as long as you want and you can view them all together. Once you are ready to get rid of an annotation, just take a snapshot so that your text and annotations get archived so you can restore them later, and edit away.

This is the system that Scrivener will be using from now on - the old-style annotations will not be making a comeback. I’m sorry if you preferred the old system; unfortunately it is impossible to please everybody, as I am quickly learning. :slight_smile:

All the best,