Beta --> Lost image files in character and research folders.

I had image files in my character and research folders. These are gone, which is a HUGE problem for me. (Not positive if it was latest update or the one before that.)

Can you advise on best way to restore the old character notes to new Beta?

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you had backup turned on you can expand the zip file and locate them in there.

Do you have any idea what actions may have lead to this? I agree with you that image files disappearing from within the project is a large problem and I would like to help you retrace steps to find out how exactly this occurred.

Was this a project created in the 3.0 beta, or was it carried over from a 1.9 project that was upgraded? Have they disappeared from the folders in File Explorer as well, or are they just missing when viewed from within Scrivener?

Any more information you can give us on this would be greatly appreciated.

Image Files Lost in Backups Too

All my character images, calendars, etc. lost in latest beta. I went to backups. The same is true with them, no matter how far back.