Beta not reverse-compatible with Scrivener 1 for windows?

I did a little research before I moved my project to the beta Scrivener 3 1.8 to check it out, and found some sort of annoying bugs and “features”: (not a bug, but there’s seemingly no easy way to get rid of space between paragraphs–the way I need to do it is really convoluted and took an hour to figure out; copy-pasting one word breaks formatting for the whole paragraph unless you “paste and match style;” spell check marks some words wrong, like “glass”–it underlines “glas” and ignores the last ‘s’.) None of them breaking, but annoying enough I decided to go back to Scrivener 1 until they get sorted…

Only to find out there is no backwards compatibility with the windows version, just the mac.

While I know it’s my fault for not digging deeper, is there really not any way to open a Scrivener 3 file in Scrivener 1, besides copy/pasting nearly 100k words? For now, I’m just dealing with the bugs, but it would be nice to go back.

There’s no way to go back, which is one of the reasons I don’t use the beta.

Eventually they’ll likely implement the Export to v2 feature that the Mac has.

If you know anyone with a Mac, you could send them your project and ask them to export it for you.

Otherwise, it’s copy paste. Although you could try compiling it to Word and then using Scriv’s import feature to bring it back into 1.9. I haven’t done that, so can’t provide any specific advice there.


When you first open a Scrivener 1 project with the Beta, it should automatically save a back-up copy in the old format, so you should be able to go back to the project as it was before you updated,

In Scrivener 1, if you go, FILE - OP EN, there should be a back-up folder of your project in the list.

Unfortunately I’ve already done quite a bit of work on it, although I could just copy/paste the chapters I’ve done in the beta rather than the whole thing.

It’s my fault for not making sure it also applied to the windows version when I read it was doable. I guess I’ll just deal with it for now.

I’ve been using the Win Scrivener Beta since Beta 7. I’m now using Beta 18, and it’s relatively problem-free. I’ve completed quite a number of shorts and much longer works in the Beta. While I don’t want to talk you into doing something you obviously don’t want to do, why not keep using the current beta?

I completed my last novel, and started my new one in Scrivener 3 Beta. I never had a problem. However, because I know things can go terribly wrong in Beta versions, I create a duplicate project in Scrivener 1.9 where I quickly add a new scene using copy-and-paste from the Beta every time I finish one. That way, I always have a full copy in the stable retail version. It only takes a few minutes, and worth it for the peace of mind. Mind you, I can hardly wait until V3 is released, so I can just write merrily along without thinking about it.

No and yes.
No, it won’t export to v1.9 (likely will at release, but right now, no).

Yes, you can force it to do something you can use, without copying all those words one at a time.
Open both version at once, grab the Manuscript folder from v3 and drop it into the Manuscript folder in v1. Rearrange folders as needed. You might want to move your old v1 copy to an “Old copy” folder first.
This should copy everything. I think it’ll copy custom metadata.
But anything that’s particular to v3 will not copy.