Beta Question

My apologies if this question was asked and answered in another forum. I am using the beta (of course) and understand all the caveats (back up etc) however…I am 3/4 through with one novel, have outlined a second and have outlined/plot noted several short stories in Scrivener. If all was lost I have the word docs…my question is…when the full version is available…and I purchase…will it impact the stuff I have. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on creating my own templates and filling out notecards if I’ll need to start over in a couple of months. Thanks

Hi Raymond,

All the projects and templates that you create in the beta versions will carry over into the final release. At this point the feature set is basically complete, with just a few tweaks being made (bug fixes or finishing implementation of Mac 1.54 behavior), so you probably won’t need to refine your templates much, if at all, for the full version; they’ll certainly work, in any case, and it would only be a matter of including a new option that hadn’t been available when you originally created the template, which can easily be done by just modifying the template and resaving. You’d have to individually adjust any projects already created from the template, but again, this is all incredibly minor details–for instance, had you created a template prior to the “Use Label Color In Icons” feature, and you decided you wanted to add that to the template, you’d just need to create a new project from the template, turn on that option, and then redo the Save As Template to overwrite the original. Projects already created from the template wouldn’t be changed, but if you want the feature turned on in those you can just open the project and toggle it on.

All your projects themselves will continue to work through each beta and into the release version, so you certainly don’t need to worry about being locked out of your work when you update.