Beta RC2 up on MacUpdate

I see Beta RC2 is up on MacUpdate: … ainer_link


I thought Beta 3 was only a few days away.

What does it all mean?

Now new users will face two applications to learn if they like what they see.

As far as I know, posting RC2 was damage control. MacUpdate just decided on their own volition – or whatever governs their listing – to post a link to RC1. So he at least fixed it to beta 2.

I had no control over either, actually… I received a notification that beta 1 had been added to MacUpdate, and hours later I received a notification that it had been updated to beta 2. This is not really good for Scrivener, as there are going to be people downloading it from MacUpdate and posting out-of-date bug reports because they don’t know that there is another beta and so on and so forth. I really didn’t want to be on MacUpdate or VersionTracker until 1.0. It could cause a lot of confusion and do more damage than good… Oh well.
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P.S. Thanks for your glowing review, though, Lord Lightning!

MacUpdate has never struck me as being a very organised ship. There are lots of cases such as these where they will link to a beta release instead of a stable release and so on.

My little warning note actually got deleted when they updated it to B2. Weird.