Beta Tester Names for 1.0

Hi Beta Testers,

We are in the final throws of bug fixing and tweaks in preparation for the imminent Windows 1.0 release.

I have often said how fantastic this community of beta testers has been who have stayed the course for part or all of this past twelve months. It’s been an exciting and tough journey. Largely because of you, Scrivener 1.0 has shaped up as well as it has.

I’m very conscious of giving credit and acknowledging those patient and faithful souls who’ve travelled along with me as a newby captain far out to sea where I’ve failed more often than succeeded. We encountered outbreaks of Scurvy before we discovered the fix of vitamin-C. Bouts of sea sickness. Through Winter, Autumn and Spring; always rocking, swaying, and bobbing about, and now, perhaps Mal de debarquement.

I’m finally starting to understand what Henry Miller was on about when he uttered the following words. I hope they inspire you in your own creative endeavours as much as they have me in creating Scrivener for Windows:-

I’m grateful to all of you and want to ensure that for those willing are included in the beta credits in the Help->About dialog. The problem I have is that you are many and I am one. I tried gathering and noting names six months ago, I did my best at the time and I know I have missed many. So, please help me complete this list. If you want to be included simply email me privately your name in the subject field before Friday end-of-day this week. My email is lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

Many thanks again, I wish you every success in your writing whislt I continue to make Scrivener better and better.

Kind Regards

1st Nov 2011

My email was bounced back, Lee. I checked and doubled checked to make sure I had replaced the AT and Dot signs and the selling was right. If possible please add my name to your list.

No problem Ian. Thank you.

That’s a good and kindly thought you posted of Henry Miller, Lee – thanks for it, and may the same be your own recognition each time.

I know you have my name, so no use repeating it :wink:.

Best to each on your team, as these days until the first release wind down. It’s been a good effort, and will move into the future as one.


Thanks again for your hard work, Lee.

I expect Scrivener for Windows to be the best writing tool ever!

I came on board only a couple of months ago so I don’t think I’ve earned formal beta tester recognition, but I do want to thank all of you for an excellent program, and also express my admiration for your amazingly responsive and helpful support staff.

Scrivener is precisely the tool I need to finish my huge, complex cold-war historical novel. I’ve been working on it for years and sometimes wondered whether I would ever get it done. It took me more than a month just to import it all into Scrivener, but the program is now bringing order out of chaos by enabling me to weave together coherently the tangle of competing, overlapping dramas. I might make it yet. We’ll see.

I’ve only been able to make a few suggestions in the early betas before life and work kicked my butt, so I probably don’t qualify for a beta tester credit. But I still check into this forum on a regular basis to see how the project is progressing. It has been very gratifying and instructive to see how far the application has come since its first beta, thanks to the developers’ excellent responsiveness and the beta community’s unfaltering enthusiasm.

Thanks for taking a chance and porting Scrivener to Windows. :smiley:

I’m assuming if we’re already listed on the current beta’s About, we don’t need to send an email?

I’m so excited about this release. Things got really crazy in the second half of this year for me, so I’ve been gone for a while, but hunting down those bugs with all of you in the earlier versions actually quite fun. Especially when we were all trying to replicate a couple of those persistent seemingly random bugs consistently: “I think I’ve got it! (repeat steps) Dang, nope… how about–yes! (repeat steps) Dangnabbit!” :wink:

I would be honored to be included in the list if my bug reports have helped, and will email privately