Beta Testing 10 - Custom Meta Data Compile

Hi Development Team,

The new additions to the custom metadata are fabulous and will help considerably with my fiction writing.
However, at the moment Scrivener will not let me include the custom metadata in the compile for each of my scenes (docs). Is this still being developed? This is a great feature in the old Scrivener.


Compile is known to have issues at this time.

I’m not having any luck getting my custom metadata to show. Matter of fact, NONE of the Metadata are showing. This seems to be one of the issues in compile (which might be fixed in the upcoming Beta release; I know they’re working on the compile bits).

I get all metadata to show when printing or printing to PDF. Have no idea how I finally figured it out!
Here’s a shot of some compile stuff:

But, it works for those two compiles

I don’t see the custom meta-data.