Beta Usage Help Request

I’ve tried to find this in the manual, but the search terms (“Binder” and “Selected”) are too vague—and the results too extensive—to be useful.

So I’ll simply ask the forum: when I use ALT+SHIFT+UP (or ALT+SHIFT+DOWN), the current item in the editor is highlighted in the binder.

Is there somewhere I can I change the background color in the binder of that highlighting? I’m using a dark theme right now, and the background color of the binder is black, and the highlight of the selected item is a dark, slate gray. I’d like it to stand out just a little more, perhaps a navy blue.

Possible? If so, could you point me where?

There is not an independent setting for the selection highlight (if there was, it would be found in the Appearance: Binder section of settings, as will all other custom colour settings, for future reference). It is currently just derived from whatever the background colour is set to. It looks like the algorithm that is generating those highlight colours could use some work, though, they seem to get a bit awkward on darker backgrounds.

We may at some point add an option to use the system highlight colour as well. I think that has been left out for now on account of that setting not being easily accessible.

Good to know. I’ll stop driving myself crazy trying to find what isn’t there (in Scrivener, at any rate, just not in the way Morgan Freeman’s character in “The Magic of Belle Isle” meant it.)