Beta v.024 doesn't work with Windows 7 Professional?

I’m running this as a second thread since I have had no responses to my first one!

Has anyone succeeded in getting v.024 to run in Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)?

I ask because I have tried every permutation I can think of to access the project I wasa working on up to the point when I loaded this latest version. I have also tried running v.024 within the Windows 7 XP emulator - also without success.

I have however had no difficulty in upgrading to v.024 on my office machine which runs on Windows XP.

Any response to this situation would be much appreciated!

Andrew McIntyre.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and I am running the latest build of Scrivener wonderfully.

A second here - running flawlessly on Windows 7 Professional. It’s been upgraded any number of times over the beta; and the 023-024 upgrade was done deliberately without any external steps, to prove it works.

Hmm. You say the project itself is missing? Is this what you mean?

It isn’t possible that you had been saving the missing project within the Program Files/Scrivener folder, is it? Because that will get deleted on upgrades…that’s not a place for anything but the program itself.

If you’ve lost your project this way, didn’t you back it up anywhere, with Scrivener’s backup or by file copy, or etc.?

If not, you will want to take advantage of Windows 7 Professional’s file versioning to see if you can locate one or more dated copies of your project folder. If you find it, then you’ll eventually want to copy that folder to any safe location, like your My Documents (Documents Library top) folder. But first, you’ll want to copy it to a second location, to be sure you’ve got the right version, and meanwhile avoid the possibility of over-writing the invisible saved copies on your primary disk.

You can see if there are prior versions of the Program Files/Scrivener folder by going to the one you have now, and right-mousing to select Properties. Then on the Properties dialog, to the right there’ll be a tab called Previous Versions.

There’s a Copy button for any you find. Use it – then preferably use an extra disk or USB memory as a place to Paste the whole prior folder, so that you don’t disturb what’s on your working disk. Now you can look in this pasted copy to see if your lost project.scriv folder is there. Once you are sure of having the right one, copy-paste it to a normal safe working place, such as My Documents/Documents as suggested above.

See if this works for you. If not, you may still be able to recover partially or fully by using a good erase recovery program. I think the following one appears to be quite good, and appears to be safe:

The same suggestion to save anything you find this way to a second disk or USB memory applies.

Good fortune, and regards,

Andrew, noticed your second thread this morning, on an irregular visit.

I’m afraid this one was a bit unclear as to the problem you were actually having, hence the reply above.

I think Jennifer’s addressed your actual issue, and maybe this reply will help someone else.