Beta won't run on Snapdragon processor

Just purchased a new Lenovo Yoga c630 laptop intending to use it to start writing this fall. I was excited to see the new version of Scrivener is almost ready and wanted to try it, but the beta won’t run on my PC due to the Snapdragon processor. Any chance the full release will work on these new generation mobile processors? I’m not sure how complicated that is to do, but here’s hoping.

Based on my research, that laptop is shipped with Windows 10 in S mode - meaning it can only install things from the windows store. If you haven’t taken it out of S mode, you can for free, but you won’t be able to put it back in.

You can get out of S mode by searching in the windows store app “Switch out of S mode,” it will guide you.

More information here: … in-s-mode/

Perhaps one if the L&L staff could comment, however thus from Qualcomm.

‘Windows 10 powered by Snapdragon processors will offer the same apps and features as Windows 10 on tablets, notebooks, laptops, and PCs. Devices will run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Win32 apps through emulation.’

Windows is and apart from one earlier failed experiment has been designed for Intel/AMD processors, not ARM.

At this stage too early to know if this attempt at Win on ARM will be any more successful.

I’d warn against buying any ARM based device until you know for certain all needed applications will work successfully and at an acceptable speed. Any form of emulation involves a performance hit.

I have taken it out of S mode, had to in order to install the Beta. But it won’t run now that it’s installed, and ironically, the uninstall won’t run either.

I wasn’t quite aware of the processor problem when I bought this laptop. Still considering whether to keep or return. However, the light weight, quiet running, and 24 hour battery life are pretty strong points, along with being much cheaper than similar Intell/AMD PCs. Not sure if Scrivener is a make-or-break software to my decision to keep the laptop or not,

You didn’t say which architecture of Scrivener you tried. I’m assuming it was x64. The 32-bit version should run, as the manufacturers say the laptops will run those. It will NOT run 64-bit software unless it’s ARM specific (which Scrivener is not).

One additional caution I’d throw in.

The ARM devices will emulate 32 bit applications and 64 bit won’t work as mentioned above.

Apple is ahead of the wave on this with 64 bit applications being pushed for the last couple of iterations of MacOS and only 64 bit from Catalina forward.

At some point I’m guessing Win will follow, though given MS might take 5 or so years to go to Win 11 or whatever they decide to call it you should be safe for a short while and that period is likely longer than the average lower end Win device life expectancy.

I try to look ahead 5-6 years when purchasing to ensure compatibility. Just sold 6 yr old MacBook Pro in perfect functional condition, few nick and scratches but good for years to come. The last time I managed to do that with a Win device was a Fujitsu unit.

You are correct that I tried the x64 version. Trying the x32 version now. I got scared off trying it before because it gives a little warning message about installing a x32 program on a x64 device. Will report back.

Yay, it works! Thanks so much for the help. You may want to include a note about this somewhere on the Beta page (and the final software), though I know there aren’t a lot of ARM machines out there.

More likely it should be a FAQ or Specifications posted within the help board.