Beta1 Question - separate document editor/window?

amber et al

i too found amber’s almost free association/thinking out loud quite useful. although i prefer split panes to the cmd-k method, i am quite grateful to have cmd-k now mastered, thanks to amber. and shall use it. i can think of some instances where i shall prefer it to split panes, which of course with Edit Scrivenings is not really a comparison of equals but 2 different techniques.

i am preparing a longer post which will build on this so shall not pre-empt myself. i shall say that, with poetry in particular, i can find no substitute for twin panes to compare version 01 to version 01->02, in front of my eyes in real time with options of “toggling” different words/lines as i do it. so much of poetry is syntactic that cmd-k is not going to cut it for me in this respect.

i too would favor a “users’ forum” since amber’s sharing was a great example of “here’s how i do it, step 1, step 2, et cet.” so often - as in my Duh! confusion over toggling corkboard/outliner and binder (which I still find slightly counter-intuitive and needing visual help - but that’s for next post) - a post-er will describe a method or use of S and not elaborate, leaving it a little mysterious to readers.

thanks again


ps i too find tinderbox maddeningly frustrating for creative thoughts but unbelievably useful for organization of many connected variables.