Beta4: Minor thing with keyword drag and drop

Nice to see the drag and drop from the keywords list, but I wonder if it would be possible to set the focus back on the document window once the drop is completed.

At the moment, you drop the keyword, then click once to get the window focus back, then again to make the cursor appear.

This is standard Cocoa behaviour - so sorry, you’ll have to click (but hey, your hand is already on the mouse anyway, right?). :slight_smile:

Mmm … not surprising. Setting the focus back is a handy Windows trick that I’ve just become accustomed to I think.

Touch typist - hand has already left the mouse! It really isn’t that much of a problem anyway; it’s good enough that I can actually get my Japanese names into the text without wasting time making sure that I’m spelling them right!

Thanks anyway.

By the way, the autoupdater works a treat. One of the best I’ve seen in fact.

The credit for the auto-update goes entirely to a great open-source programmer called Andy Matuschak - he also did loads of work on things like HUD panels, and Scrivener takes advantage of a lot of his work. Quite a few Cocoa programs use his auto-update, and it is definitely cool.

As for the focus thing - glad it’s not a big deal. :slight_smile: The problem is that it really isn’t the “done thing” in Cocoa to start guessing where you want the focus, as it can get really tricky.

All the best,