Better access to bookmarks?

Is there a more convenient manner to access the bookmarks instead of navigating through the menu? A shortcut? An icon? Else?

If you load up the panel from Documents/Favorites/Manage Favorites…, I think you can leave that open on the side to both manage and load things from it via double-click. I’m not around a PC at the moment to double-check that the panel is non-modal, so hopefully that’s how it works. :slight_smile:

Things will get better, by the way. Bookmarks as used in the iOS version will be a part of a more cohesive system in the future, as part of a major upgrade that is still in development.

Many thanks, AmberV.

Ah yes, that works, great. I have missed the access via “Documents”, instead I have used the one vía “View”, somehow I cannot cope with the menus.

Yes, that sounds very nice, cannot wait for the update.

Many thanks again

When I click a bookmark the text of an item in the Binder is shown. Can I make Scrivener to additionally jump to / select / mark the item in the Binder?