Better built-in spell/duplication checker

For some reason, I often type duplicates of simple words or or spaces. These embarrasing errors are caught by Word’s spell checker, but not by the System spell check in Scrivener.

Would it perhaps be possible to include a duplication checker in Scrivener 2? The Apple spell checker sucks mightily (I’m using Swedish 10.4.11 on my MB Pro typewriter, btw — is the Leopard version any better?) and since I understand that Scrivener 2 is going to have much developed printing options, it would be a real boon to have a ‘duplication catcher’ built in.

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You might give SpellCatcher a look. It does both the things you asked for. I was playing around with it since it’s ½ price at MacZot today. Sorry, that would be yesterday. It pops up a warning at a repeated word and won’t let you type a double space by accident.
I never looked too closely at it before because $40 seemed too much for such a program but it does do a lot more than other completion software. And, of course, it works in any program you write in.

Thanks for the tip about SpellCatcher. I should’ve posted my OP day before yesterday – price of procrastination.

I agree that 40 bucks for duplication checking is a bit much — same as for Scrivener! :unamused: For me, I don’t see much use for all the advanced functions, ghost writer, etc., and for auto completion I already use TypeIt4Me, which works very well.

I hope that duplication duplication correction will turn up in Scrivener 2. Otherwise I might still be tempted by SpellCatcher.



Well, I bit the bullet and bought SpellCatcher. I first downloaded the demo and when I found out that I could set it so that it 1) wouldn’t allow me to type double spaces and 2) would catch doubled words as I typed them, I decided that it was worth it for me at least.

So, thanks for the heads-up!

I still think it would be nice to have duplication spotting in Scrivener 2, though.



It will depend on what Snow Leopard introduces, I’m afraid - I hear it has auto-correction, but I don’t know to what extent. I won’t be adding lots of advanced typing correction to the code myself though, I’m afraid.
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I think that your reply should’ve read:

‘Hey dude, why don’t you check out what’s already in Scrivener?’ :unamused:

Because, I just stumbled on Text:Convert:Multiple Spaces to Space. It does exactly what I need – clean out all those double-typed spaces in one fell swoop. Very neat, even if it wasn’t intended for exactly this purpose — my English-speaking wife uses double spaces between sentences, which isn’t done in Swedish.

Thanks, Keith!