better/easier way for Split Dialog (for Screenplay) within the interface?

A key problem with the “Preserve Formatting” method of implementing dual dialog in a Screenplay is that it doesn’t show up in the Scrivnings UI, thus mispresenting page count and prohibiting the writer from being able to “feel” how it is working prior to actually compiling.

I’ve been trying to solve this by combination of a Table and Custom Elements. The final formatting works quite well although it does require some added steps for setup. The biggest osbstacles are:

  • Custom Elements don’t appear to be retained within a Table
  • It doesn’t appear that there is a setting to “not print table borders” during compile. Which forces the user to do a lot of post clean up before actual compile.
  • The default setting for “Insert → Table” is 3x3, and it would be wonderful to set a Scrivner Preference for 2x2.

Any community or Lit&Latte thoughts?