Better Final Draft support coming...

The 2-pages mode is great!!! Please integrate this into Scrivener.
I have one small request: Would it be possible to let the left page fade out when the right page is full


1 2
When page 2 is full and a page 3 is created:

2 3

I hope this is understandable^^

Novatlan - afraid not. That would be a much bigger undertaking! It’s as it is or nothing! :slight_smile:
All the best,


It works fine now with Tiger! Many thanks.

Hi Keith,

Works fine for me on Revision 1 MBP 2.16 GHz running 10.5.1. I really don’t think I’m going to need it, but I’m glad that it seems not to be causing you great headaches … other than all the enhancement demands that you’re going to be have to be answering.




Very, very nice the testapp!

Oh, just one more thing.

Can you make the horizontal scrollbar visible only when it is needed?


First of all, THANK YOU!

Anything that makes the FD/Scrivener process smoother is greatly appreciated.

PAGE VIEW looks very good. If we can’t have (or even ask for) Character Names and Dialogue to be kept on the same page, would you be so kind as to add “Insert Page Break” so we can manually break the pages in the right places for a screenplay? The “Page break” wouldn’t have any impact outside of the Page View. It would just be a way to solve the pagination problem without making your hair fall out.

Also, may we please have page numbers on the final version of Page View? Page numbers mean a lot to screenwriters.

Thanks again for continuing to make the life of screenwriters easier and more creative.

The page numbering is given at the bottom of the window in the testapp.

Sorry if my choice of words was imprecise. I’m asking for page numbers on the pages, as in a screenplay.

(But Insert Page Break is more important, IMHO.)


I actually disagree with popcornflix here. Page breaks and page numbers are all formatting tools that I don’t think belong in Scrivener. In my mind, the great thing about Scriv is that it allows me to “just write” – without worrying about page count, line breaks and story beats. That’s editing stuff, that’s second/third/eleventh/Final draft stuff. It’s taken me a long time to shed what I consider to be bad writing habits (editing as I go, etc.), and page numbers on the screen would shove a lot of that back in my face.

But, I suppose, if these features are easy for you to implement and you are so inclined, others shouldn’t suffer for my lack of discipline. I just hope I’ll be able to turn them off.



P.S. Oh, and thanks for the new FD stuff!!

No page numbers, I’m afraid. You can already find a page using the footer info. If you had a margin of 0 pixels, there would be no space for page numbers anyway. (This is exactly the sort of request that makes me blanch at the idea of a pages mode again… :slight_smile: )

As for insert page break - Scrivener already has such a feature accessible via the Edit > Insert menu…


Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I never saw that before.

Many thanks for considering this feature, it definitely will be a great help for screenwriting. I know your goal isn’t to be an FD killer … but I keep dreaming. :wink: It galls me that the only reason I have to keep a multi-hundred dollar app on my machine is for printing.

Best. News. Ever.

Hi Keith, you said that it “Turns out FD started out pretty much like Scrivener (two guys with an idea instead of one), they had heard of and liked Scrivener and were keen to help others integrate with FD. The upshot of all this is that they gave me access to their .fcf format. This is the Final Draft File Converter Format.”

Does that signify that the folks at Movie Magic Screenwriter Pro and Montage do not want to give their File Converter Format info to you?

I tried preparing a template for MMSCW Pro 6 and there were discrepancies between points and lines, and starting and end margins, and inches and cms. I gave up.

PS Really like phpBB 3 - looks really snazzy.

Hi LL,

I didn’t mean to imply that Montage or MMS have refused anything at all. In fact Todd of Montage did say some time ago that he might be interested in providing some way for Scrivener to export for Montage, but it’s really down to Marinersoft and I don’t know how they would feel about that. I’ve never been in touch with MMS, so I don’t know about them, either. All I’m saying is that Final Draft have been very helpful, that’s all, and I hold them in high regard after my dealings with them.

All the best,

How will the imported FD script appear in Scrivener? As one long document? Or with each scene as a separate document? Or some other way?


I’m looking forward to this ability to export & import to & from Final Draft.

Keep up the good work.


re previous post: it would be cool to be able to split scenes into documents on import, but not essential

By lucky coincidence, Tripper, you posted just as I was bringing in the FD code to Scrivener. Things work like this: you can import Final Draft files as you would any other file. They will take on the formatting as set up in the current script format for the project. I have also added another import option, though: Import and Split. With this, you can only choose one file (not multiple). If you select an FCF file, it gets split up into scenes. If you select another kind of text file, you can specify a separator character which will be used to split up the document.

The next thing I want to import is a convert formatting feature that will allow you to convert the current script formatting of documents in your project to a different script format… That could be onerous, though.

But FCF import and export is working nicely now…

All the best,

Mmmm! … t_vs_.html

Has some very interesting links

AND … _draf.html

Interesting perspective on FD / MMSW6

No comment…

As I now only use FD for final formatting after writing in Scriv, and resisted the upgrade to FDv7 after reading too many bad reviews, I can honestly say the company’s plummeting reputation makes no different to me at all :slight_smile: And MMS still feels like a bad Java app to me. Eugh.