Better highlighting of footnotes in full-screen mode

When you click on a footnote reference in full-screen mode the corresponding reference is highlighted in the floating inspector panel with a thin border. However, it is incredibly difficult to see! In the attached screenshot, for example, it’s not massively obvious that it’s the third footnote which is highlighted. Any chance this could be made more obvious with the use of a thicker border or colour?
Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 02.50.57.png

This comes up often enough that it’s on our radar. The problem here is that Scrivener uses the default, system highlight colours (the same you get when selecting rows in the Finder or Mail, for instance), but these highlights are always grey when they are in a view or window that doesn’t have the focus. And the inspector panel in Composition mode doesn’t have the focus when you click on a comment or footnote in the main window, of course. I’m not entirely sure what the solution is yet, short of using non-standard highlight colours, but it is something that needs addressing, I agree.

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