Better highlighting of footnotes in Full screen

I’m working in Full screen mode all the time and love it! Also using many footnotes. I would be very pleased with a better highlighting of the footnote with which I am presently working. Now there is only a very think gray frame, but somewhere else in the program I saw nice red line around the actual footnote. Something like this would save me some irritation, and, perhaps, give me a longer life ;)

Are you talking about inline or Inspector footnotes?

Inline footnotes do have a gray frame with rounded edges around the footnote text which is part of the main text body. Red frames with rounded edges on the other hand belong to inline comments which are also part of the main text body but additionally have red letters (if not deactivated). Settings allow to change the inline footnote font (but not colour) to make them more distinguishable from the main text.

Inspector footnotes have grey rectangled frames around their anchors and the footnote text is visible in the Inspector. They can be also made visible as links (blue and underlined; EDIT: In Compose Mode only underlined, as I just have discovered)—preferences: Appearance/Textual Marks/Options: Underline links.

And in Appearance/Textual Marks/Options you could set a background colour for Inspector footnotes. This colour will be visible both in the Inspector footnote itself and its anchor in the main text body.

Underline and background colour in my opinion are sufficient to make Inspector footnote anchors visible in the main text body. I turning off underlining and would prefer if the text of Inspector footnotes and comments would have the default text colour in the normal view editor like in Compose Mode.

I’d like to second the request. As much as I try to various colour combinations, the highlighting of footnotes in the inspector (full screen or otherwise) when you click on a footnote marker in the editor could be contrasted better with surrounding colours